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Cambridge 6


TEST 1 something learned in one to others=change 交流v.


2.expertise=skill 专门技术n.


3.employ=analyze=study 使用v.


4.investigation=analysis 调查n.


5.narrow=focus on 缩小范围v.


6.reproduce=copy=replicate=repeat 复制v.


7.funded support=finance 资金n.


8.athlete=sportsmen and women 运动员n.


9.calculate=measure 计算 v.


10.event=championship 赛事 n.


11.plan=prepare=design 计划 v.


12.improve=grow=get better 进步 v. 贸易n.


14.transport=import or export=deliver 运输 v.


15.local=domestic=native=indigenous 当地的adj.


16.weakening=less=reduced=decreased 下降的adj.


17.value=worth=price=credit=use=benefit=profit 价值n. or import 运输 n.


19.nearby nations=geographic neighbours 近邻 n. 国际的 adj.


21.shipping=freight 船运 n.


22.cargo=freight=goods 货物 n.


23.tariff=charge=fee=tax 税费n.




25.difficult=harsh=demanding=tough=challenging 困难的 adj.


26.essential supplies=food and clothing=necessities 必需品 n. 供给 n.


28.grow=increase=rise=improve=go up=boost=expand=extend 增长 v.




30.understanding=knowledge 了解 n.


31.well-being=health 健康 n.


32.impossible=out of the question=unlikely 不可能 adj.


33.catch=exploit=capture 抓捕 v.


34.surrounding=environment=circumstance 环境 n.


35.push to one's limits=test one's limits 挑战极限


36.not unmanageable=can cope with 能处理的


37.present inhabitant=descendant 居民


38.give up=abandon 放弃


39.mainly=heavily=most 主要地


40.visit=venture 参观




1. successfully=spectacularly well=wonderfully 成功地adv.


2. people power=local pressure groups 群众力量n.


3. commute=travel 通勤 v.


4. higher=increasing=more 更高的 adj.


5. income=wealth=salary=wage=payment 收入n.


6. beneficial=valuable=profitable=good 有益的 adj.


7. together=face to face 共同


8. refute=not mean=rebut=deny 反驳v.


9. accommodation=live=living condition 住宿n.


10. usage=use=benefit=profit 用处n.


11. averagely good=reasonable but not special 较好的


12. limited=minimal 有限的adj.


13. move from one to another=adopt one over another 转移


14. show=reveal=uncover=indicate=point out=imply 表明


15. related=associated 有关联的 adj.


16. suffer=be afflicted 忍受(病痛)v.


17. research=study=investigation=survey 研究n.


18. affect=afflict=influence=change 影响v.


19. disease=medical complain=illness 病痛 n.


20. increase=surge=rise=gain=grow=go up=add=escalate 上升v.


21. link=correlation=connection=relationship 关系n.


22. considerable=significant=substantial=massive=marked大量的 adj.


23. reduction=drop=concession=fall=decrease 下降 n.


24. elderly people=old people 老人n.


25. independent=self-reliant 自立的 adj.


26. regular=daily 定期的adj.


27. exercise=physical activity 运动n.


28. challenging=difficult=tough=demanding 有挑战性的adj.


29. decline=deteriorate=reduce=drop=decrease 下降v.


30. lonely=emotionally isolated 孤独的adj.


31. hand signal=gesture=body language 手势n.


32. restricted=limited 有限的adj.


33. concept=abstract idea=definition 定义n.


34. specific=particular=detailed 特定的adj.


35. early=older 早期的adj.


36. fulfill=qualify=achieve=keep=satisfy 完成v.


37. sufficient=enough 足够的adj.


38. quantity=how many=amount 数量n.


39. misunderstanding=confusion 误解n.


40. prevent=resolve=forbid=stop 防止v.


41. poor=lack of=impoverished 贫穷adj.


42. newer=later=recent=present 新的adj.


43. ancestor=early people=predecessor 祖先n.




1. teach=educate=cultivate=nature 教育v.


2. actor=star 演员n.


3. first=initial=early=primary 最早的adj.


4. storyline=narrative=plot 故事情节n.


5. globe=world 世界n.


6. early=first=ancient 早期的adj.


7. passing of time=flow of time 时光的流逝


8. describe=tell 描述v.


9. realistic=achievable 现实的adj.


10. target=goal=aim 目标n.


11. feedback=comment=advice=criticism 反馈n.


12. match to=suit to 合适


13. reward=promotion or advancement=prize=benefit 奖励n.


14. link to=make something contingent on=associate with=connect with=relate to 联系起来


15. achievement=attainment=gain=success 成就n.


16. remuneration=payment 酬金n.


17. tend to=prone to 倾向于


18. feel=perceive=think=find=experience=notice=have an opinion 感觉v.


19. participate=be involved in=take part in=join 参加v.


20. staff=employee=worker 员工n.


21. visible=disclosed=obvious=noticeable 可见的adj.


22. clerical worker=clerk 书记员n.


23. judge=rate=criticize=assess=evaluate=gauge=appraise 评判v.


24. job=work=assignment 工作n.


25. delay=slow=prolong=postpone=procrastinate=shelve=put off延后v.


26. growing old=ageing 变老


27. people=mortal=people=individual 人n.


28. life=lifespan 生命


29. chance=likelihood=fortune=hope=possibility=opportunity=risk=luck 机会n.


30. production=generation=output 产量n.


31. theory=hypothesis=guess=guesswork 猜想n.


32. focus on=emphasize=aim at=concentrate on 集中于


33. short=scarce=limited=insufficient 短缺的adj.




1. drug company=pharmaceutical company 医药公司n.


2. promotion=marketing 营销n.


3. increase=escalate=rise=go up=grow 上升v.


4. research=study=survey=investigation 研究n.


5. work=be an effective way=be useful=help=achieve=succeed=have an effect=happen=turn out 奏效v.


6. technique=strategy=skill=expertise=method=way 技术n.


7. criticism=judgement=skepticism=disapproval=denunciation 批评n.


8. moral=ethical 道德的 adj.


9. legitimate=have every right to do=legal=right=authorized 合法的adj.


10. money=profit=benefit=income=currency 钱n.


11. adults=men and women 成人n.


12. maternal=mother=female 母亲的adj.


13. education=literacy=cultivation 教育n.


14. child=infant=kid 孩子n.


15. approximately=about=around=nearly 大约adv.


16. impressive=greatest=touching=unforgettable 印象深刻的 adj.


17. programme=campaign=project 项目n.


18. common=persistent=normal=usual=ordinary=everyday 常见的adj.


19. be halved=decline by 50% 减半


20. key=most important=crucial=critical=significant 关键的adj.


21. produce=develop=generate=engineer=manufacture 生产v.


22. detailed=explicit=specific 细节的adj.


23. on its own=alone 自身


24. however=but=yet 但是


25. self-confidence=assertiveness=confidence 自信n.


26. effective=useful=beneficial=good=needed 有效的 adj.


27. distinguish=recognize the difference=differentiate 区别v.


Cambridge 7




1. rely on=depend on 依靠v.


2. avoid=stay away=keep away=steer clear of=make a detour 避免v.


3. die out=extinct=disappear=no longer exist 灭绝 v.


4. hunt=search for=look for=try to find=in search of 打猎v.


5. limb=arm or leg=body=organ 四肢 n.


6. perceive=sense=see=spot=become aware of=observe 感知,感觉v.


7. calculate=measure=work out=figure=estimate=access 计算v.


8. detection=finding=observation 探测 n.


9. coin=invent=make=create=come up with 发明,创造 v.


10. inaccurate=incorrect=wrong=misleading 不精确的 adj.


11. revision=change=shift=reform=alteration 改进 n.


12. downward=fall=drop=downhill 下降的 adj.


13. increasing=soaring=growing=rising 上升的adj.


14. primarily=mainly=largely=chiefly=principally 主要地 adv.


15. due to=because of=as a result of=thanks to=owing to 因为


16. decrease=reduce=fall=drop 下降v.


17. radical=not traditional=new=unconventional 激进的adj.


18. prior to=beforehand=before=in advance=on the eve of 之前


19. demanding=difficult=hard=challenging=tough 要求高的,艰难的 adj.


20. well known=notorious=famous=renowned 著名的 adj.


21. admit=acknowledge=confess=to tell the truth 承认 v.


22. be similar to=like=resemble=bear a resemblance to=akin to 相似 v.


23. result in=lead to=cause=give rise to=bring about 引发,导致


24. sophisticated=advanced=high-tech=complex=complicated 复杂的


25. address=solve=deal with=handle 处理 v.


26. imitate=copy=impersonate=follow one's example 模仿 v.


27. maintain=continue=carry on=keep up=preserve 维持 v.


28. feed=eat=have=chew=swallow=consume 喂食 v.


29. illustrate=show=demonstrate=make clear=reflect 说明 v.


30. memorise=learn=commit something to memory 记忆 v.


31. conventional=traditional=conformist=conservative 传统的 v.


32. notice=see=spot=be aware of=be conscious of 注意到 v.


33. retain=keep=save=hold on to 保持 v.


34. convince=persuade=win sb. over=satisfy 使确信 v.


35. spectacular=impressive=imposing=striking=grand 壮观的 adj.




1. interior=inner=inside 内部的 adj.


2. change=shift=alter=transfer 改变v.


3. establish=build=found=set up=start 建立 v.


4. official=authority=leader=supervisor 官员 n.


5. isolated=inaccessible=distant=remote=faraway 隔离的, 边远的 adj.


6. collapse=fall=fall over=fall down 倒塌 v.


7. destroy=devastate=wreck=obliterate 毁灭 v.


8. absorb=digest=take in=assimilate 吸收 v.


9. severe=serious=stiff=heavy 严重的 adj.


10. purify=refine=distill 净化 v.


11. hidden=disguised=concealed=veiled 隐藏的 adj.


12. decline=decrease=reduce=fall=drop 下降 v.


13. deteriorate=get worse=go down=decline 变坏 v.


14. recognize=know=identify=pick out 认出 v.


15. conclude=summarize=come to/reach the conclusion 得出结论 v.


16. adapt to=get used to=become accustomed to=adjust to 适应 v.


17. initiate=start=launch=open=set in motion 开始,发起 v.


18. refer to=mention=allude to=touch on 提到 v.


19. identify=name=recognize=diagnose 确定,认同 v.


20. request=demand=claim=petition=appeal 要求 n.


21. be divided into=separate=split=break up=break down 分开 v.


22. consist of=be made up of=be composed of=comprise 由…组成


23. hinder=hamper=impede 阻碍 v.


24. objective=aim=purpose=goal=target 目标 n.


25. implement=carry on=execute=put sth. Into practice 实行 v.


26. promote=encourage=help=aid 促进 v.


27. warn=caution=alert=give sb. a warning 警告 v.


28. observation post=watchtower 瞭望塔 n.


29. access=entrance=entryway=way in 通路,进入 n.




1. cause=reason=factor=origin=root 原因 n.


2. measure=weigh=time=take=read 测量 v.


3. route=motorway=highway=expressway 车道 n.


4. exclude=omit=miss out=leave out=drop 排除在外 v.


5. renewable=sustainable=recycling=environmentally friendly 可再生的 adj.


6. exist=there is/are=be found=occur 存在 v.


7. limit=restrict=constrain=confine=keep to 限制 v.


8. boundary=border=edge=outskirts=frontier 边界 n.


9. allow for=make sth. Possible 使…成为可能


10. proposal=suggestion=recommendation=proposition 提议 n.


11. urban=city=town=municipal 城市的 adj.


12. odour=smell=stench=stink 味道 n.


13. find one's way=navigate 导航 v.


14. bearing=position=standing 方位 n.


15. exchange=share=distribute 分享 v.


16. waste=unwanted materials=rubbish=garbage=trash 废物 n.


17. dental=teeth 牙齿的 adj.


18. priority=preferential=the most important=overriding 优先 n.


19. encourage=promote=help=support=be supportive 鼓励 v.


20. explore=look for=discuss=think 探索 v.


21. factor=cause=reason=root=origin 因素 n.


22. cultivate=grow=raise 培养 v.


23. convert=modify=transfer=adapt=customize 转变 v.


24. digest=take in=absorb=assimilate 消化 v.


25. preserve=protect=keep=store=keep sth. In storage 保存,保护 v.


26. monitor=watch=keep an eye on 监视 v.


27. allocate=distribute=apportion=grant=confer 分配 v.


28. decline=decrease=reduce=fall=drop 下降 v.


29. fragile=weak=delicate=breakable=feeble 脆弱的 adj.


30. upgrade=improve=make sth.better=make improvements 改进,提高 v.


31. advanced=developed=sophisticated=high-tech 先进的 adj.


32. sustainable=renewable=recycling=environmentally friendly 可持续的 adj.


33. evidence=proof=documentation 证据 n.


34. long-standing=lengthy=long-running=lasting 长期的 adj.




1. large numbers of=tens of thousands of=many 大量的


2. large=massive=huge=enormous=vast 巨大的 adj.


3. resemble=look like=alike=much the same=akin to 相像 v.


4. foe=enemy=adversary=hostile 敌人 n.


5. more than=exceed=over=in excess of 超过 v.


6. decrease=crash=reduction=fall=drop 下降 n.


7. stop=halt=come to a halt 停止 v.


8. sufficient=abundant=enough=adequate 充足的 adj.


9. establish=found=build=set up 建立 v.


10. be Successful=prosper=do well=succeed=thrive 成功


11. recognize=certify=accept=acknowledge承认 v.


12. label=display=call=brand=hail 贴标签,命名 v.


13. adapt=adjust=get used to=become/grow accustomed to 适应 v.


14. mistake=error=fault=slip=mix-up 错误 n.


15. keep a check on=monitor=watch=keep an eye on 监视 v.


16. unexpected=unpredictable=unforeseeable 不可预见的 adj.


17. generally=in general=in the whole=all in all=all things considered 大体上的 adv.


18. previously=before=earlier=formerly 先前 adv.


19. apply=use=make use of=exercise=utilize 应用 v.


20. due to=because=since=owing to=thanks to=as a result of 因为


21. raise=lift=lift up=pick up=scoop up 使…上升 v.


22. in addition=besides=additionally=too=also=as well 除此之外


23. inhabitant=resident=population=citizen=local 居民 n.


24. collapse=failure=fall 崩塌,失败 n.


25. set up=establish=found=start=open 建立


26. ensure=make sure=make certain=see to it that 保证 v.


27. assist=help=aid=give a hand=do sth. For 协助 v.


28. deny=refuse=withhold 否认 v.


29. permit=allow=let=agree to=authorize 许可 v.


30. interfere=intrude=disrupt=meddle 干扰 v.


31. repeat=redo=retake=do sth. again 重复 v.


32. prevent=stop=restrain=hold back=discourage 阻止 v.


33. disrupt=disturb=upset=break up 打扰 v.


34. long-term=chronic=long=lengthy=long-running 长期的 adj.


35. expose=show=reveal=present=let sb. see 暴露,揭发 v.


36. intense=strong=passionate=powerful=fervent 强烈的adj.


37. random=arbitrary=at random 任意的,随机的 adj.


38. require=demand=need=call for 要求v.


39. fatigue=tiredness=exhaustion=drowsiness 疲劳 n.


40. manifest=show=reveal=present 显示 v.


41. concentrate=pay attention=put one's mind on=attentive 专注 v.


42. produce=make=manufacture=create=fashion 生产 v.


43. carry out=implement=put sth. into practice=execute 实行v.


44. perform=do=conduct=dabble in 执行 v.


Cambridge 8




1. agree=concur=go along with=fall in with=go with v.同意


2. sceptic and advocate=different attitude 不同的看法


3. significance=impressive=meaning=sense n.重要性


4. meditation: the practice of emptying your mind of thoughts and feelings, in order to relax completely or for religious reasons n.冥想,沉思


5. parapsychology: the scientific study of mysterious abilities that some people claim to have, such as knowing what will happen in the future n.通灵学


6. environment=condition=light, sound, warmth=situation=circumstance n.环境


7. alter=change=revise=make changes v. 改变


8. trial=experiment=test n.实验


9. success rate=positive result=achievement=progress=breakthrough=accomplishment n.成就


10. pick out=identify=recognize=know=tell v.认出,识别


11. limit=minimize=maximum=the most=ceiling=cut-off point v.限制


12. different=individual=not like=vary=not the same=contrast with=diverse adj.独特的


13. invention=device=creation=innovation n.发明,装置


14. cold temperature=freezing weather=chilly=frosty=wintry=cold snap adj.寒冷的


15. farming=agriculture n.农业


16. simultaneous=at the same time=together=at once=at one time adj.同时的


17. uniform=equal=homogeneous adj.均衡的


18. devise=formulate=invent=create=come up with=make up=conceive=coin=dream up v.创造


19. civil=municipal=metropolitan adj.城市的


20. divide=split=separate=break up=break down=take apart=take something to piece v. 分开


21. new=revolutionary=original=innovation=fresh=novel=be in its infancy adj.新的,革命的


22. create=introduce=invent=make sth. do sth.=be the cause=lead to sth. v..发明


23. organize=co-ordinate=arrange=set out=put something in order=line up v.组织,使协调


24. public event=communal activity 公众、社交活动


25. aviation disaster=sky accident=air crash 空难


26. prompt=result in=lead to=make somebody do something=cause somebody to do something=lead somebody to do something=motivate=induce somebody to do something v. 导致


27. resemble=like=similar=alike=much the same=comparable v.类似


28. oversimplify=incomplete=simplistic=generalize=see things in black and white adj. 过于简化的,不完整的


29. altitude=from…meters above the ground=height=how high=level n.高度


30. zone=airspace=region=area=district=quarter=block=suburb n.区域


31. weather=meteorological=climate=condition n.气候


32. categorize=class / type=sort=classify=be grouped=grade v.分类


33. create=establish=invent=start up=open=set up=found=inception v.创建


34. beacon and flashing=light=beam n.灯光


35. improve=develop=evolve=get better=catch up=pick up=things are looking up v.发展,进化


36. aircraft=plane=by air n.飞机


37. average-sized=medium-sized adj. 中等的


38. city=metropolitan=urban=town=village=civic=municipal=downtown n.城市


39. pendulum : a long metal stick with a weight at the bottom that swings regularly from side to side to control the working of a clock n.钟摆


40. coincidental : happening completely by chance without being planned adj.巧合的


41. disobey : to refuse to do what someone with authority tells you to do, or refuse to obey a rule or law v.不服从




1.drastically : extreme and sudden adv.彻底地


2.carry out : subject to : 使服从


3.remain=stay=keep=continue to be=still v.保持


4.detect=inspect=examine=notice=spot=become aware / conscious=note=conserve=perceive v.检查


5.fault=flaw=defect=trouble=bug=virus=be something wrong with=be something matter with n.缺陷,缺点


6.enough=sufficient=adequate=cover=meet somebody's need adj.足够的


7.main=largely=principal=chief=major=key=primary=prime=predominant=core adj.主要的:


8.documentation=written account=evidence=proof n.证明


9.shift=switch=transfer=move=jerk v.转换


10.consistent=lasting=stay the same=constant=unchanging adj.持续的


11.drought=no rain at all=dry=dusty adj.干旱的


12.period=cycle=era=age n.年代


13.random=arbitrary=at random adj.随机的


14.molten=hot=heat=boiling / boiling hot=scalding / scalding hot adj.熔化的


15.intense=strong=passionate=powerful=deep adj.强烈的 / unearth=turn up v.开发,发现


18.pattern=trade / commodity=business n.贸易


19.relate to=associate with=link to / connect to=identify with 联系


20.feeling=emotional response / sensory=a sense of=passion n. 感觉


21.unappreciated=undervalued adj.低估的


22.difficult=elusive=hard / tough=easier said than done adj.困难的,难懂的 research v.研究


24.4smell=odour=scent n.气味


25.interpretation=be considered to be=understanding=reading n.理解


26.define=distinguish=tell the difference v.使明确


27.damage=impair=break=do/cause damage=scratch v.损害


28.realize=consciously consider=occur to=become aware=sink in=strike=hit=wake up to the fact that v.想到


27.reveal=show=demonstrate=let somebody see=present=expose=let somebody take a look v.显示 be defined=unanswered 无答案的


29.husbands and wives=marriage partner / spouse=couple=newlyweds夫妇


30.linguistic=language n.语言


31.describe=name=express=give a description of=talk about=write about=give an account of=tell of v.描述


32.lack=do not exist=not enough=scarce=inadequate=insufficient=in short supply v.缺乏的 not smell=odorless 没有气味的


34.regard as=consider to 把…认作


35.unpleasant=offensive=horrible / disgusting / revolting=not very nice=nasty adj.极讨厌的


36.certain=some=a measure of adj.一些


37.correspond=be consist of=coincide=match up v.一致


38.relevance n.关联


39.float=afloat v.浮动




1. building=property=construction n.建筑


2. support=back=be behind=in support of=back somebody up v.支持


3. financial support=fund=financial aid 资助


4. stumbling block=difficulty=trouble n.麻烦


5. create=generate=form=produce v.形成


6. direct=guide=lead=instruct=give order/instruction v.指导


7. beam=laser=ray=glow=glare n.光线,激光


8. aim=direct at=purpose=point=idea=objective=goal=target n.目的


9. test in real=field test 实地测试


10. genius=giftedness / talent / intellectual=intelligence=brains=brilliant=wisdom n.天才


11. inherit=run in family=receive=get=be given=be awarded v.继承


12. talent=prodigy=skill=ability=craftsmanship=flair=have a knack=a natural ability to do something well n.才能,技能


13. lessen=minimize=subside=lighten=relieve=ease=allay v.减少


14. significance=supremacy=definition=meaning=sense=connotation n.重要性


15. achieve=make=succeed=manage=make progress=accomplish=get results v.达成


16. limitation=restricted=disadvantage=drawback=liability=the downside n.限制


17. inexorable=inevitable=unstoppable=remorseless adj.无法改变的


18. stable=characteristic=constant=steady=fixed=unchanging adj.稳定的


19. life span=duration of life 寿命


20. biological clock=internal clock 生物钟


21. prolong=extend=drag out=spin out v.延伸,延长


22. principle=law=conscience=scruples n.原则,法则


23. optimal=better=best adj.最佳的


24. conserve=save / frugal=reserve=keep back v.节约,保存


25. immortality : the state of living for ever or being remembered for ever adj.不朽的


26. organism=living thing=life form=wildlife =an animal, plant, human, or any other living thing n.有机的




1. middle-year education=lower secondary school 中学


2. format=pattern n.格式


3. less successful student=struggler 差等生


4. key=contributing factor=important=major=significant=critical n.关键


5. achievement=attainment=progress=breakthrough=accomplishment n.成就


6. spacious=largely=big=huge=vast=enormous=immense adj.广阔的


7. adapt=accessible=get used to=become/grow accustomed to=adjust to v.适应,可接近的


8. careful=elaborate=conscientious=thorough=meticulous=methodical adj.仔细的,精心的


9. supplementary=assist=additional=extra=further=added=spare=more=another n.补充,帮助


10. effort=hard work=work at=push yourself=labour n.努力


11. correct answer=accuracy n.精确


12. imbalance=disorder=unequal=disproportionate n.不平衡,紊乱


13. no longer respond=resistance=fight against 抵抗


14. cost=financial outlay=spend=charge=fare=rental=toll n.支出


15. innate=built-in adj.先天的


16. immunity=resistance n.免疫力


17. entail=involve v.包含


18. circumstance=system n.环境,系统


19. feed on=prey on 以…为食


20. blight=plague v.破坏


21. wipe out=eradicate=get rid of=abolish=scrap=do away with=eliminate 根除


22. plague=infest=troublesome v.折磨


23. compare=determination of variation=contrast=liken=make a comparison=draw an analogy=draw a parallel v.对比


24. criterion=identification=standard=scale n.标准,识别


25. compatible=use both method=well-matched=be made for each other=be a perfect match /pair/couple=be right for=be ideally suited adj.兼容的


26. specimen=individual n.标本


27. container=plastic or glass tube n.容器


28. wet=marshy=soaked=waterlogged=awash adj.湿的


29. habitat=area=the environment=ecosystem=ecology n.栖息地


30. pitfall=trap n.陷阱


31. little time and effort is required=minimal maintenance and intervention 最小程度的维修与介入


32. pesticide: a chemical substance used to kill insects and small animals that destroy crops n.杀虫剂


33. preservative: a chemical substance that is used to prevent things from decaying, for example food or wood n.防腐剂

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